Caitlyn Jenner CALLS OUT Kimmel, Late Night Hosts, on Jokes About Transition

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  • A transgender person’s transition can often be a difficult and loaded affair, infinitely so I am sure when you are a public figure whose life is already a feast for the media and comedy outlets who see your latest life development as more grist for the mill and may not have the sensitivity or knowledge to comprehend what it means to transition. Such was the case of Caitlyn Jenner who came out very publicly in April 2015 with an interview on 20/20 and on the cover of Vanity Fair. Not everyone knew how to discuss the transition — including late night host Jimmy Kimmel! Which is why it made for such juicy television when Caitlyn went on his show and discussed this awkwardness. Oh heck yeah.

    Well, no not really. Actually it’s a detail in an incredibly warm interview where Kimmel jokes about how Fallon is the REAL problem in this situation. They laugh and laugh and laugh, and us audience members are robbed of a real awkward moment! But!!! We get a warm moment though. And it’s cool to see everything discussed openly and lead to warmth. It’s great!

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