Horse Finds Toy Horse, Kicks It

By Alex Firer
  • A horse knows the difference between another horse and a fake, right??? Well, it can be confusing. We all remember that one horse who freaked out upon meeting someone in a horse mask only to discover they were not quite who they think they are! Well, here’s another horse picking up a fake, and it’s not quite as easily fooled as the one before it!

    The horse, identified in the video as one “Gypsy”, sniffs at the stuffed pony, wondering is it horsey, or is it “other”, and soon discovers to its terrible dismay that it is in fact “other”. Gypsy then does away with the stuffed liar with a swift and steady kick — and trots on its merry way, never to be fooled by such vipers in its mist again.

    Lovely and delightful. But what if the stuffed horse just wanted to make friends!? Unlovely.

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