Melting Dashboard Duckie Causes Controversy in Japan

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  • It seemed like the perfect viral meme — the rubber duckie melting on a dashboard of a moving car in Japan! The days are so hot, the viral meme seemed to resonate with a lot of people, with the duck’s sad little face swimming in a pool of rubber liquid as if it was some kind of weirdo outtake from a Roger Rabbit movie. However, could it have been faked? Could some kind of rubber duckie bandit tried to gain notoriety by faking a melting duckie!?

  • Twitter users in Japan are pointing out that the dashboard in the first photo is different than the dashboard in the second. Could it be the rubber duckie was a rubber fakie!? Let these insane looking charts and graphics seem to hint at as much…

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  • However, the blog Jalopnik posted the instruction manual to the car (a Honda That’s — not a typo, just the car’s name), showing that the dashboard in question was in fact inside the vehicle. So the duckie — AND STAY WITH ME AMATEUR DETECTIVES, STAY WITH ME — was moved from one dashboard to the other.

    And thus ends the great duckie debate.

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