Someone Replaced the Light Saber Sounds in Star Wars with Owen Wilson’s “Wows”

By Alex Firer
  • Star Wars is a film that grabs many admirers for its brilliant story, legendary characters and of course, its special effects and sound work. Those lightsaber sound effects — the only thing heard during a near silent and noble battle between the villainous Sith and the honorable Jedi. But, my dear friend. Have you ever wondered. Have you. Ever wondered. What those lightsaber battles would be like. If all the lightsaber sounds were replaced by Owen Wilson saying “wow”? Well, I just don’t think you have to wonder anymore, I don’t, because guess what — someone made a video of just that!

  • YouTubers Ursinarium and Mitchell Wiggs have taken several scenes and replaced the sounds with those amazing Owen Wilson “wows”. Mitchell Wiggs did the final battle with Darth Maul from “Episode I” and Ursinarium the battle with Count Dooku from “Episode II”. I know when I saw the original scenes I — like a certain Wes Anderson regular, voice of Lightning McQueen and (oh man, what else was he in — uhh! Uhh—!) You, Me and Dupree actor — said “wow”.

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