Couple Caught Having SEX During Baseball Game

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  • During the Mets vs. Cardinals game last night a couple was caught bonin’ in the bathroom of Citi Field.

    Ryan Clyne shared this 5 second video of a couple doin’ it on Twitter and directed the tweet to a blogger for Barstool NY, who then shared it.

  • And then… it got crazy!

    Fellow baseball goer Megan Carty responded to the tweet saying:

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  • When someone asked her to prove it, she did so with a photo of their shoes, which is really the only distinguishable thing about the couple.

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  • Okay, but white Converse are super common shoes! What if it’s not them?

    Well, she tweeted another photo to further prove it was the couple:

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  • They admitted it out loud? Very classy…

    And when someone suggested she tell the couple they were going viral on Barstool, she happily obliged!

    So, what do you guys think of this crazy couple?! Let us know in the comments or at @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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