Sean Spicer RESIGNS

So long, our gum swallowing friend.
By Alex Firer
  • Look, when you work at the Trend Mill as much as we do, there are certain stories which just always bring delight to said mill — and Sean Spicer’s various gaffes — some serious, some just ridiculous — have been one of those things that brings delight to us. Wether he’s swallowing gum all day for reasons completely beyond our understanding or wether he’s saying Hitler never used gas to attack his own people, or any number of ridiculous and stupid things. Remember when he hid in the bushes? Ah, memories.

  • Spicer’s resigning came over Trump’s appointment of Anthony Scaramucci as the communications director. Trump tried to get Spicer to stay on, but for Spicer this was the last straw! Well well well, it looks like gum eating old Spicer had just enough integrity after all. Or maybe just shame.. But also, his job was to lie for an oppressive bullying president. Yeah, get outta here Spicer — and anyone who replaces you should do the same! Oh Sean Spicer. We will miss you— or rather writing stories about you. To remember you we will honor you with a triple Melissa McCarthy salute.

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