Nickelodeon Releases FIRST Rocko’s Modern Life Reboot Clip

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  • The Nickelodeon 90’s reboots are slowly being unveiled — Hey Arnold’s new movie is on its way, and the same goes for the upcoming Rocko’s Modern Life movie. We can’t WAIT — so imagine our excitement when Nickelodeon released a short clip from the movie at San Diego Comic Con! It begins with Heifer, Philbert and Rocko coming out of the bushes — the familiar bushes of the Rocko’s Modern Life original TV show — only to discover that they’re no loner in the 1990’s — and they are here to enjoy all the anxiety creating decadence of our current garbage cultural climate.

    Watch as the Rocko gang buy O-Phones (Rocko’s modern life version of iPhones), guzzle sugary drinks at Starbucks, and the environment keeps getting destroyed by gigantic corporations — as it was back in the show in the 90’s (remember their incredible Earth Day episode??).

  • Rocko’s— bringing brilliant commentary to the new century which he describes — in classic Rocko fashion — as a very dangerous place. What do you think though? Are you excited for the new Rocko movie? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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