Dad Films Wrong Girl at Graduation!

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  • Look, all those hats and gowns — they just look similar, alright? At least that’s the excuse used by a super awkward dad who was accidentally filming the wrong girl at a graduation! Oops! Ooooops! You’re supposed to be filming your daughter! What a dad thing to do! Augh!

    The internet is loving this adorably awkward video! Sometimes dads try to be supportive but are just so goofy. Georgia Wilde Tweeted out the video, showing her dad delightfully try to explain away his awkward error. Oh, graduation dad! Would you film the wrong actress on a movie shoot!? The wrong interview subject for the cable news! Graduation dad! You gotta figure this out! I mean, you’re going to be a big star after this video gets out even further — people will be looking to you to record the wrong kid for all of their other graduations! Oh, graduation dad! You delight us all!

    The most ironic thing for his daughter Georgia however? She’s graduating with a film degree! Graduation dad! What filmic lessons are you imparting on your family here!? Oh, graduation dad.

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