Bieber Banned in China

Bieber's bad behavior bought the boy a ban.
By Alex Firer
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  • When a young fan asked the Chinese Ministry of Culture why Justin Bieber doesn’t visit the country, the official response was that Bieber is banned from performing in China.

    So, what did Bieber do to get banned from China?

    Well, quite a bit actually! In 2013, Bieber had bodyguards carry him up the Great Wall of China. He also skateboarded through the streets of Beijing chased by his entourage. But Bieber bad behavior is world-wide

    Also in 2013, Bieber got into a confrontation with a paparazzo and had his bodyguards take the photographers camera and memory card. Because of this incident, Bieber is banned from Argentina.

    And even at home, Bieber got into trouble with the LAPD after he and his friends egged his neighbor’s house.

    Later that month, at just the age of 19, Bieber was arrested for driving under the influence, resisting arrest, driving with an expired license, and underage drinking in Miami, Florida. 

    It’s stories like this that the Chinese government is referring to in their official answer.

    “Justin Bieber is a gifted singer, but he is also a controversial young foreign singer,” the bureau told the fan in a statement. “In order to maintain order in the Chinese market and purify the Chinese performance environment, it is not suitable to bring in badly behaved entertainers.”

    “We hope that as Justin Bieber matures, he can continue to improve his own words and actions, and truly become a singer beloved by the public.”

    A lot has changed for Justin Bieber in the last few years, but he’s not the only artist barred from performing in China. Both Oasis and Lady Gaga are not allowed to perform in China.

    Oasis had tour dates abruptly canceled in 2009 when Chinese officials found out the band performed in a Free Tibet concert in 1997. Lady Gaga had been banned for her vulgar lyrics, but the ban was lifted. After Gaga met with exiled Tibetan leader, the Dalai Lama, China banned her again

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