Parrot Finds Cat, Cat Rude, Parrot Closes Box on Cat

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By Alex Firer
  • We all have toxic people in our lives. People we wish we could shut the door on. Sure, the relationship started out okay but over time devolved into a sense of disrespect, and you have absolutely no choice but to shut the proverbial door on them. Such is the relationship between Karin the Parrot and this cat.

    Witness — as a parrot opens up a box to find a small kitten in it. Gaze in terror as the kitten paws at the parrot’s face, then draw back in utter fear as the parrot closes the box on the dumb and very bad cat. The parrot then saunters off into the distance, knowing full well he has closed the door on a toxic relationship.

    The other situation we can see here is this — who has a toxic relationship with a kitten? What kind of drama causing weirdo gazes at a cat and has a bad relationship with it, I ask you? Oh well, at least we get to watch it and laugh.

    Of course, it’s not up to us to spill tea here, but I heard Karin might be the instigator of this entire mess…

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