Young Fan Cries When Meeting Wonder Woman Actress Gal Gadot

"There's no reason to cry, anymore! We are together!"
By Alex Firer
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  • It can’t be said enough just how important the success of Wonder Woman is to representation of women in cinema. One year ago, as man children all over the world were bemoaning the existence of an all female Ghostbusters and this year Wonder Woman races past a lot of weak male centric movies to dominate the box office. This representation is important, and it helps teach young girls that they too can achieve whatever they see fit, and this video of a young fan meeting Gal Gadot and bursting into tears is a beautiful reminder of just the intensity of that feeling.

    The fan, dressed up herself as Wonder Woman, approaches Gal Gadot and bursts into tears, and then Gal Gadot says “There’s no reason to cry anymore, now we are together”, and the girl slowly cheers up. It’s beautiful. I love watching young fans meet superheroes — the personifications of potential! It’s very beautiful.

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