Poke’mon Go Fest an Incredible Disaster

No Zapdos is worth this...
By Alex Firer
  • I think if Fyre Fest — the disastrous music fest from earlier this year — taught us anything, it’s that running a quality and successful festival is HARD. But even harder when you’re an app sort of clinging to the last vestiges of popularity and based around being the very best, like no one ever was. Folks, it’s difficult. It is difficult to run a successful Poke’mon Go festival.

    What was the Poke’mon Go Festival? Well, it was an official Niantic approved chance for a mass of Poke’mon Go fans to catch a bunch of legendary Poke’mon — the rarest of them all. Unfortunately, network outages stopped people from being able to play the game. So what did you end up with? A massive angry Chicago crowd who are unable to play the very thing they came out here to play. You can’t catch any legendaries with these many outages!

  • In the end Niantic — the studio behind Poke’mon Go — issues refunds and digital video game money to the players as an apology for this disastrous festival — although if you’re going to a festival to play a video game that peaked around a year ago in a huge crowd, folks — you just need this to work! It just has to! Nothing else is working! This just has to work!

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