Justin Bieber Cancels Rest Of Tour For Undisclosed Reasons

By Alex Firer
  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • Say what you will about Justin Bieber — the controversial, China banned pop star — but he has never been one to disappoint his fans too greatly (some Despacito lyric screwing up aside) — so it’s all the more shocking that Bieber has recently cancelled the remainder of his tour dates. Why remains a mystery, although there are rumblings that it is due the aforementioned ban. Still, rumblings are just rumblings, and no one is completely sure why exactly this ban is happening, other than reportedly he is just “over it” which is extremely depressing if that’s so.

    Yet, what we do know is the fans are HEARTBROKEN — Bieber’s fans are known for their ferocity, and the reaction to Bieber’s cancellation is approximately the kind you would expect from a pop star of his magnitude. The fans are outraged, heartbroken, and various other terms you would associate with the emotion we only know as sadness. Check out some of their pained Twitter reaction below! Oh Bieber fans! I’m sorry your king abandoned you so!

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