Emoji Movie Confounds With Handmaid’s Tale Style Advertising

This is a total ":(" from the people who should be bringing us ":)".
By Alex Firer
  • “The Handmaid’s Tale” is an unbearably dark show that creates commentary on the current state of oppression of women in a way that’s grim and unblinking — focusing on the violence and utilitarian aspect of how we treat women as a society. The Emoji Movie is an upcoming movie about big dumb smiling faces and also has Patrick Stewart playing a big old literal turd.

  • One would think that the two would have nothing in common — nary the two shall meet!— yet, that goes on to ignore the ever uniting force of capitalism! If people think they will make money, they will do anything — INCLUDING posting the Smiling emoji into the Handmaid’s Tale bonnet. Brrr.

  • The Tweet was taken down, but it was left up for two days, and it just goes to show — the people behind the marketing of the Emoji movie want you to associate it with misery and the fight for women’s rights. Good work, emoji movie. Real great work.

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