Slow Moving Tinder Couple Meets For The First Time On Good Morning America

Better late than never!
By Alex Firer
  • You may remember we earlier reported on the Tinder match who made quite an effort to not meet for years — throwing each other cute and weird excuses to delay their hang out until it became a joke almost in and of itself. Soon, the couple’s messages to each other went viral, and Tinder offered them a trip somewhere around the world for their first date. The couple accepted, but they still haven’t met. When will they meet, people wonder — oh when oh when will they meet? Well, how about on Good Morning America, my friend!

    We can see Good Morning America put the shining and very awkward couple through all the dating game questions they can muster until they finally raise the partition and the couple sees each other for the first time, and guess what — it’s exactly as awkward and awful as any internet arranged first date! Yeah, guess what you jerks, just because your meet is cute doesn’t mean you’re going to be any happier than us jerks! Yeah, that’s right! Watch as she has second thoughts! Gaze as the guy can sense it and makes up for it with over-eagerness! Oh hell yeah, love is for no one and no one deserves it! Oh hell yeah!

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