Is Jay-Z’s 4:44 A Reference To His Infamous Solange Elevator Fight?

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  • There’s still so much to unpack in the incredible and revelatory new Jay-Z album 4:44 — and one of those things is the title. What could it be a reference to? If you listen to Jay-Z talk about it, he refers to 4:44 as the time of night he got up to pen his apology to Beyoncé, who famously made Jay-Z’s cheating public on her “album of a generation” masterpiece Lemonade. And look, I am never one to ever doubt a musician discussing their own work — but someone on Twitter noticed something curious — 444 was the address of the building where Solangé Knowles — Beyoncé’s sister — reportedly fought with Jay-Z in the now famous elevator fight.

    The address is 444 West 14th Street to be exact — and the Solangé fight was reportedly over the cheating on Beyoncé. So could it be a reference to the building rather than the time? Is it kind of both? Is it all? Is it everything? We do know it’s a great title, but beyond that, sky is the limit!

    What do you think the title is from? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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