RIP Legendary Voice Actress June Foray at 99

The legendary voice actress behind The Looney Tunes, Disney films and Rocky and Bullwinkle has passed away.
By Alex Firer
  • The great voice actors of the Golden Age of Animation has just lost one of its brightest stars in June Foray. Synonymous with greatness in voice acting — June Foray was known best for voicing characters in every great legendary stable of animation — from the female characters on the Looney Tunes (including Granny and Witch Hazel), Rocky and Bullwinkle (where she played Rocky and the unmatchable Natasha) and other classic characters including Jokey Smurf, Magica DeSpell on Duck Tales, Lucifer the Cat in Cinderella and a variety of characters all through the history of animation starting in 1993. Her final role was on a Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon playing the characters she is most famous for.

    June Foray started in radio working with another legendary voice actor Stan Freberg and her legendary career has inspired comedians, voice actors and animators to produce work for her unmatchable talents. She will be remembered in her work which will be passed on from generation to generation over time.

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