Girl FREAKS OUT at Surprise Ed Sheeran Tickets

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  • When our days feel their darkest it’s nice to watch videos of kids getting excited about stuff. Their joy is so pure, it’s enough to pierce through the constant unnerving anxiety coursing through the system. Like — is work getting you down? Love life in a funk? Check out this video of a little girl just absolutely losing her mind when her dad revealed to her that he got her tickets to see— Ed Sheeran! I mean, wouldn’t you freak out?

    The child’s transformation from just quietly sitting in place bored, to screaming with joy is sure to fill your mind with joy as well. And all caused by Ed Sheeran — whoulda thunk! Just close your eyes and let this positive energy enter your DNA. Yes! Let the goodness flow over you! Yes!

    And hey. Reader. I got good news. I got you— tickets to read this entry! Yes! I’m sure you are now over joyed as the girl!

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