One Armed MACHETE WIELDING CLOWN Seen Roaming Around Maine

The clowns are back.
By Alex Firer
  • Ah, fall! It approaches, the leaves fall from the trees, the days grow shorter, and machete wielding one armed clowns emerge from the woods to freak us all out — wait — whaaaa!? That’s right, do you remember the spate of clown sightings happening all across America? Well, the clown trend is back — or at least one person is trying to bring it back. A one armed man dressed up as a clown wielding a machete was witnessed around Maine — with the machete attached to where his hand used to be. Badass in fiction, terrifying in real life. Nice.

    The man was apprehended by the police and was revealed to be one Corey Berry who was reportedly intoxicated and attempting to imitate the vast amount of clown sighting that have been seen around the area. So there we go. The first clown has been captured — but like cockroaches, the clowns are in the woods, scurrying in great volume, greater than the one discovered clown could ever hint at.

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