Watchable Presents: Choose Your Vice

Guide to anal sex? Nuns selling pot? Sensory deprivation? Alright!
By Alex Firer
  • What’s your vice, buddy? Is it drugs, sex or the ability to disattach from all of reality? Well, you can choose your vice, but even better — choose your vice out of an exciting array of stories we handpicked all about sex, drugs and drinking. Wanna hear about the Teen Vogue guide to anal sex? Nuns who run a weed dispensary? A sensory deprivation tank? Read on folks, read on!

    The first story — Teen Vogue recently released an article giving teens a guide to safe anal sex which outraged the kind of people easily outraged by sex education — but come on! It’s better teens know what they’re doing then just trying something possibly difficult without knowing? Anywho, I don’t know what people’s deal is — but what do you think about this?

    Next up — a Refinery29 documentary about the Sisters of the Valley in California who sell weed to those who need it. The finally, there’s a story about an isolation tank where you can either have beautiful visions or have an anxiety attack! Roll of the dice, friends!

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