Toilet Paper Robot Limits Toilet Paper Consumption in China

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  • What kind of dystopian world are we living in where a machine — a mere machine with some facial recognition technology can tell me when and where and with how much toilet paper I can wipe my bottom! Well, I guess the when and where was always obvious (after I poop and in the bathroom, duh!), but the how much is something Chinese public restrooms are trying to limit — and thus enters the toilet paper robot at Beijing’s “Temple of Heaven”.

    The tech is simple — basically you put your face in front of the machine, it reads it, gives you toilet paper — and if you show it your face again within 9 minutes, no toilet paper for you buddy! You just get 60 cm! But what if I have to take a really really big poop!? Guys! Toilet paper machine! What are you doing!? Toilet paper machine! Come on!

    Still some poops and kinks to work out.

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