Little Hamster Has Epic Fail

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  • Folks, some of us go through life with shame, anxiety, feeling like we’re just hamsters on a wheel falling backwards, flying around in a sense of chaos. But you know who else feels that way? This cute little hamster literally falling backwards on a hamster wheel! Aw, little guy, don’t spin out of control! No!

    In a video currently going around YouTube, a hamster is trying to have his little tiny rodent hamster fun while spinning around on a wheel but then the wheel spins out of control and so does he! Look at him go, spinning like a lunatic, flying around! Little hamster, no! You cute little thing, no!

    So remember, when you’re diving headfirst into a shame spiral over the hamster wheel of life — know that there are hamsters out there, spiraling on the hamster wheels of their cage. Damn, is that poetic or what?

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