Man Crashes Ferrari Just As It Leaves Dealership

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  • Some minute long videos are like poetry — or a perfect bite size story. An Aesop Fable almost. They have a beginning, middle, end and impart a lesson that the young shall take with them well into the world of the working amongst them. Let’s take for example the fable of “The Ferrari and the Man So Excited About His Ferrari That The Moment He Takes It For A Drive He Crashes It Mere Seconds After Leaving The Lot” — why I believe there’s a video of it. Let’s check it out above.

    Did you watch it? That’s so absolutely brutal. The guy had a much more reasoned reaction than I would have on crashing my incredibly expensive car and not even making it a block. He throws his arms up in the air all defeated where I would be having a gigantic spiraling freak out weeping in the arms of my dead Ferrari. He did it trying to show off to his friend too. In any case, this video is insane.

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