John Oliver TEARS DOWN Alex Jones’ Info-Wars

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  • Hark! Do you hear the call? The trumpeting call coming from the mountains? The silent hum coming from the winds? It is coming. It is arriving on the gallop of horseback. It is — another John Oliver take down! A John Oliver take down is different of course than your usual Daily Show style take down — for one the videos tend to be 22 minutes long and really go into an issue, and this video is no different, as John Oliver goes in on the fringe figure getting more and more worryingly mainstream known as Alex Jones.

    Alex Jones is best known online as a media figure who makes the kinds of claims that chemicals are being poured into the water to turn frogs gay and such, but John Oliver shows him as something even worse — an unrepentant huckster ready to sell disgusting barely medically recommendable chocolate bone flavored milkshakes to the masses. Every Alex Jones conspiracy theory goes into the selling of a product — like that water turns the frogs gay segment was meant to sell a water filtration system.

    The segment ends with John Oliver trying to sell a taint wipe with Jack MacBrayer (aka Kenneth from 30 Rock) so you know — all’s well that ends well.

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