Paris Jackson, Macaulay Culkin, Debut Matching Spoon Tattoos

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  • Maculay Culkin and his god-daughter — Paris Jackson — unveiled matching tattoos of spoons on Instagram. For Paris — daughter of famed King of Pop Michael Jackson — the tattoo for her numbered amongst one of her fiftieth, but for Maculay Culkin — the famously troubled ex child star who recently emerged with a more clean cut look — it was his first on his forearm. The tattoos were meant to showcase the close connection of these two iconic stars.

    The duo have documented their friendship all over social media — with the pair often seen bonding in the way of painting each others’ nails or cuddling on each others’ laps. It’s an unlikely but kind friendship that has warmed the internet’s hearts to see these two figures who were often troubled finding happiness.

    But what could the spoons mean? The two stars are keeping mum about it, but there’s no question that getting matching tattoos represents a fantastic bond.

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