NJ Governor Chris Christie Gets Into it With Cubs Fan While Holding Nachos

The man can't disappoint!
By Alex Firer
  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • Folks, we all know Chris Christie is the most loathed governors in all of these United States of ours — a land just brimming with many loathed governors coast to coast — and yet Chris Christie is the absolute most hated. And why wouldn’t he be? The man is scandal prone mess best known for being the sitting and equally loathed president’s lapdog during the election, only to be turned away quickly. Before this the last we’ve heard of him was as the brazen weirdo who closed off the beaches of New Jersey on the Fourth of July only to be caught lounging around on them. Well, now we can see Christie can’t even go see a baseball game without someone giving him the business — and him giving the business right back!

    It’s not heard exactly what the fan says to Christie, or vice versa, but the situation is clearly tense. You can feel the anger and shame coming from both parties, and as Christie departs, then fan is asked what he said. Apparently it was “do you wanna act like a big shot”, and hey, self aggrandizing big shots recognize self aggrandizing big shots, you know? But this isn’t enough for me! Let’s see some fist fights happen, Mr. Christie, let’s see some fist fights! Ah, maybe next time.

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