R. Kelly Rubs Fan’s Phone on Crotch, Invites Fans to Grab Him

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  • R. Kelly rubbed a fan’s phone on his crotch during his first concert since allegations were made that he runs a sex cult of young female singers.

    In a now-deleted Instagram video, R. Kelly also invited fans to grab him.

    If you couldn’t already tell, R. Kelly’s shows are known to get steamy.

    There are numerous YouTube videos of R. Kelly getting wiped down and rubbed by fans during his concerts. Kelly even had fans rub him down at his Christmas shows!

    Recently, BuzzFeed News ran a report on R. Kelly, alleging that he runs a sex cult.

    The story from earlier this month claims R. Kelly seduces and brainwashes young female singers into living in one of his two houses as sexual servants. The report is full of many graphic and disturbing details.

    All of which R. Kelly denies… Kelly even sent TMZ a video message telling the world the stories were “a bunch of crap.”

    R. Kelly did not address the allegations at his first show, but he did say this before everything began.

    I don’t want to offend nobody, but like I told them… I’m a grown ass man… They hired R. Kelly, so I got to do the R. Kelly show.

    Maybe it’s time R. Kelly’s show comes to a close.

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