Conservative Talk Show Host Tomi Lahren Admits To Using Obamacare

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  • During the bipartisan convention in Pasadena at Politicon, Tomi Lahren told Chelsea Handler in a conversation she’s still covered by her parent’s health insurance. The audience laughs at her because the law that allows children to be covered under their parents’ plan is thanks to Obamacare. Tomi knows a lot about comedy. She co-hosted TheBlaze Network’s infamous “Snowflake Awards” with Doc Thompson.

    Lahren sells herself a tough-talkin’ conservative Millennial, who’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind — which is usually something that lines up with the talking points of the new hard right. Like— the much too hard right. For example, during the Syrian crisis in 2015, Lahren tweeted this meme, where she called the refugees cowards.

    No stranger to controversy, Tomi made headlines after her appearance on The View, because TheBlaze fired Lahren after she said she was pro-choice during an interview on The View.

    Pro-choice? You mean she’s some sort of secret liberal?

    So, does using Obamacare make Tomi Lahren a hypocrite? 

    Getting healthcare from your parent’s plan after age 20 is a landmark achievement of Obamacare. Keeping healthy young people in the plan drives costs down.

    That’s how health insurance works! The more healthy people who have it, the less everyone pays! But conservatives seem to resent this basic principle.

    Repeal may be dead for now, but the Republican party line remains that Obamacare has got to go.

    When Lahren was called out by TMZ for admitting she benefits from Obamacare, she replied,

    “I said that not all parts of Obamacare are bad, that’s why we need good reform.”

    But days earlier, this is how she was speaking about Obamacare repeal to her audience, saying — “To all the bleeding heart drama queens out there trying to pass this off as a death sentence for Americans, give it a rest. You’re full of crap. And enough with the fake numbers. 22 million people aren’t losing health care. Actually, millions of people will choose if they want it instead of the almighty democrats force feeding it to us by government mandate.”

    So, this evil nightmare law force-fed to the nation by the evil democrats ain’t so bad if it helps me personally. Got it.

    Is it hypocritical to benefit from Obamacare and be conservative? What do you think of Tomi Lahren and the ACA? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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