Jedi Like Subway Goer Solves Rubik’s Cube With Eyes Closed

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  • Imagine you’re riding the subway, going about your normal everyday day, when all of a sudden you realize you’re in the presence of magic — Jedi powers and such — a world unlike your own filled with beings who can do amazing things — like the guy in the video above — solving a Rubik’s cube with his eyes closed as he tosses it from hand to hand on the subway as if it was no big deal. Tossing it. Not looking at it. And solving it. Amazing.

    The video opens up so many questions. What is this guy’s deal? How can he do this? Did he practice? Is the Super Sayan Dragon Ball Z shirt he’s wearing a big part of his overall ensemble and is a secret to his incredible powers? So many questions. Not enough answers. What is next for this superior being of Rubik’s cube solution engagement? Will he lift the pentagon with his psychic mind? Get off at the next stop? Questions, questions….

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