Russian Reporter PUNCHED on Live TV

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  • Aughhhh. No matter how exhausting your day might be, at least you weren’t casually punched on camera. by an angry Russian paratrooper on paratrooper day in Gorky Park. You know, you weren’t Nikita Razvozhaev, the poor Russian journalist punched in this strange strange video.

    “No one except them celebrates their holidays like this”, Nikita says in his news broadcast, and indeed this is true. As Nikita honors the Russian paratroopers one walks over, shouting “This is my country, motherf*cker! We’ll get Ukraine, motherf*cker” before punching the reporter across the face as the reporter slinks away from whatever the hell was just happening.

    What did the paratrooper mean with his Ukraine comments? Is he pro or against the Russian invasion of Ukraine? And why did he take whatever aggression he has on this poor soul talking about how great and brave he and his ilk are? A lot of questions. Very few answers. Still, when it comes to Russian news goofs, this is not as fun as this dog who crawls on set. Guys. Dogs are better than punches. Guys.

    The original video is below.

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