This Cartoon About A Kid Coming Out Is Beautiful And Should Be Watched

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  • Shortly after being uploaded to YouTube, “In A Heartbeat”, the adorable and heartwarming animated short film created by Beth David and Esteban Bravo for their college thesis, started collecting views upon views for its adorable and vulnerable portrayal of a crush between two teen boys. The idea garnered a lot of fans, as evidenced by the fact that the film managed to raise $14,000 on Kickstarter — and the final product is adorable.

    As a redheaded kid tries in vain to hide what his heart wants for a boy with unbelievably coiffed hair, and when he is found out, he breaks his own heart and hides in shame, only to have the boy friend him, reattach the two halves, and together the two sit beneath a tree and just kind of enjoy each other’s company. It’s an incredibly sweet film that has quickly garnered a lot of fans online.

  • The film’s reasons for popularity — obvious quality aside — is clear. As Esteban Bravo explained in a fantastic interview with NBC, they were filling a much needed opening in entertainment — one that they themselves wanted to see progress in.

  • “There have been a few nods to the LGBTQ community in recent children’s programming … but it’s very rare that an LGBTQ character is given the spotlight. Especially in a medium like animation that is predominantly geared towards children and family.”

    It’s clear the need for a cartoon like this was great. We hope to see more from this fantastic duo in the future.

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