Kanye, Insurance Company In Weird Lawsuit Over WEED USE

Weed is the most normal thing about Kanye -- come on, guys.
By Alex Firer
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    Source: thatgrapejuice.net / Via: thatgrapejuice.net

  • Normally Kanye West is the one with the outrageous acts, but this latest lawsuit is between Kanye West and his insurance company — Lloyd’s of London — who insured Kanye West’s tour when he had to drop out of it due to a mental breakdown. Well, now Kanye is here to collect on the insurance, and they are refusing to pay! Why do you ask? They claim that Kanye’s use of marijuana has made the breakdown his own doing.

    Guys, what? Marijuana doesn’t add to a nervous breakdown. Being overworked certainly does! If anything, marijuana might help you from that a little bit. But the insurance company isn’t budging on the 9.8 million dollars they owe the rap artist. Bananas. Come on, Lloyd’s of London! Who’s going to invest with you if you renege on the biggest star over something as innocuous as weed? Come on…

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