Weddings Offering WEED

Would you have a weed wedding??
By Alex Firer
  • According to a new report from Bloomberg News, the latest money-making trend in wedding planning is marijuana.

    That’s right, young couples are starting to replace their bartenders with budtenders. Thanks to legalization in several states, weed is becoming a big part of the wedding celebration.

    One Colorado-based company offers couples the complete cannabis package. Irie Weddings and Events provides everything from hosted bud bars, planning services to connect you to pot-friendly vendors, and they’ll even create floral arrangements with pot plants.

    Bec Koop, the owner of Irie Weddings, says business is good.

    Koop did five weddings in her first full year in business, then about twice as many in her second year. Now she expects she will have booked nearly two dozen by the end of 2017. “We have people who are already outreaching to us for 2020,” she says. “A lot of foresight coming from these so-called lazy stoners.”

    I dunno, Bec, putting off a wedding for 4 years just to smoke weed at your wedding sounds fairly lazy.

    But perhaps those stoner couples are just playing it safe while President Trump is in office.

    The Trump White House as of recently reversed it’s lax stance on marijuana legality. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is no fan of marijuana and has tried to crack down even on medical marijuana providers.

    But why? America has gotten over it’s fear of Reefer Madness.

     The latest opinion poll from Gallup shows 57% of the country favors marijuana legalization and according to Pew Research, legalization has been growing in popularity since the late 60’s

    And this change is being led by Millennials, who favor legalization by 71% as a generation.

    It’s this trend that has led New Jersey Senator Cory Booker to introduce a new bill to Congress. Booker’s bill, the Marijuana Justice Act calls for the end on the federal prohibition of weed and would overturn all weed-related convictions. It would also penalize states for targeting people of color for further marijuana offenses.

    Advocates say the bill is ambitious and unlikely to pass.

    I wouldn’t count on President Trump signing a bill that releases drug dealers back on the street.

    However, it’s the first major piece of legislation to address the failures of pot prohibition.

    Pot laws don’t always punish criminals. Sometimes, people’s lives are ruined just for having weed on them.

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