Bieber EXPLAINS Why He Canceled Tour

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  • When Justin Bieber canceled his tour, it sent shockwaves through the world, as people said things along the lines of “Justin, no!” “Not Justin!” and “Isn’t it weird this came on the heels of him being banned from China? I wonder if this is related to that. It’s pretty weird in any case. Just thinking out loud here.” Those are just some of the many emotions that rocked through the Beliebers and casual fans, and Bieber cleared away some of the confusion — maybe — by Tweeting out an explanation of his decision to cancel his tour dates. Here is the letter below.

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  • The note honestly raises more questions than it answers. Is Justin Bieber considering becoming a father? A husband? Is he implying personal relationships are the reasons he stopped his tour? Feelings of being burnt out? Does he think typos are from the heart? And what does he mean by sustainable? I don’t know. But we’ll keep you posted.

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