Ricky and Morty Co-Creator Unveils DELETED JOKES

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  • Rick and Morty is back for Season 3 and has immediately hit the ground running with an incredible episode set in a universe resembling Mad Max — but this show takes ages to write, and the amount of alts that the writers create for each and every joke is mind boggling. Take for example the clip where Morty plays a video game that makes him think he lived a man’s entire life in the span of minutes — when he takes off his helmet, Rick makes fun of him for returning to the carpet store in his boring life. But before that joke was chosen so many were considered! Justin Roilland reads a few above!

    Getting into Legos? Hey man, Legos are fun! Don’t knock Legos! Congratulating him for returning a TV to a different store than the one he bought it in without a receipt? Pretty cool, my man. The jokes are so good, it makes you wonder how Justin Roilland was able to choose just one, but choose they did. There are even alts for the little alien who is amazed at whatever Rick is doing in the game.

    It’s amazing to see alternate drafts of a show as tightly written as Rick and Morty. What do you think though? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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