Crazy Lady Goes on Racist Rant in Target

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  • A crazed woman was caught on camera in a Target store North Hollywood, California, shouting racial epithets at employees and throwing merchandise at them before being arrested in another racist rant caught on video.

    The camera began rolling about 10 minutes into the unidentified woman’s rant, and according to the camera man, the woman didn’t seem intoxicated.

     “I don’t think the lady was on drugs,” Said Cody Walzel, who shot the video. “But if she was, she was also mentally ill. She talked a lot about terrorists keeping prisoners in a ‘flesh cave’ down in the basement prior to the video.”

    Employees were on hold with police, while the woman berated and assaulted customers, and when the security guard began handcuffing the woman, she begged to be let go saying “I’ll leave if you let go”.

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  • This poor security guard struggled to handcuff this woman for 2 minutes! Probably because he’s never had to use handcuffs before because he it’s Target! 

    Racist rants caught on tape are becoming more common online. Clearly, the woman throwing coconut water at Target employees is not mentally healthy. Wanting to harm yourself or others is not healthy.

    While the other two rants were just angry rants, where do racist words end and racist actions begin? Unfortunately, its a worrying trend, and it’s being fueled by politics.

    In 2016, the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at California State University San Bernardino reported that in 9 major US cities, hate crimes were up by 20% in 2016, particularly spiking after Election Day. While you can’t blame the actions of these ranters on what’s happening in Washington…

    It definitely seems as though racists now feel brave enough to start intimidating, scaring, and hurting other Americans.

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