Michelle Carter Sentenced To Fifteen Months in Texting Suicide Case

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  • It’s a story that took the country by storm, when Michelle Carter’s boyfriend reached out to her expressing suicidal urges, she egged him on to go through with the suicide and her boyfriend ended up killing himself. For this Michelle Carter got charged with involuntary manslaughter, and was given a two and a half year sentence — with fifteen month of prison time and the rest being probation.

    The court spent six days going through Michelle’s texts and ultimately avoided the suggested twenty year sentence, with the defense saying that this was a case of two mentally ill people and that the desired effect was not to punish her but to rehabilitate her. The mother of the victim took the stand and said she hoped this case would create change — and indeed it has as laws are now being considered to make it punitive if one does not try to stop a suicidal person from committing the act.

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