Comedian Stages Classic Wrestling Fight On Subway Car

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  • ”It’s showtime!”, it’s a phrase familiar to anyone who’s ridden the subway — a phrase often followed by some incredible breakdancing that’s either exhilarating or annoying depending on how long you have been living in the city for — but a wrestling match in a subway car? That, folks, is something new, and here it is courtesy of Tim Hann Rivera.

    The video is delightful, showing comedians coming in as all of the wrestling greats — we have The Rock, we have The Undertaker, we have Big Show, we even have Hulk Hogan! I don’t know who’s recording the whole thing, but his fevered and intense commentary is infectious.When beloved wrestling heel Kane enters the fray the commentator even comments about the the man — DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A METRO CARD! How did he get on, questions the commentator! Question, questions, questions…

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