Is That A Ghost of a Dog? Or… an ILLUSION?

By Alex Firer
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  • According to the YouTuber who uploaded this bizarre video — he was riding by this pet cemetery and he thought he saw a dog standing on a gravestone. A small terrier from the looks of it. That’s already odd, but check out the video further — as he gets closer and closer the dog ghost merges into a few dried shrubs in the distance. But it gets spookier— when you look at the grave under the bushes it’s— IT’S— a terrier who looks almost exactly like the dog all of us thought we saw in the distance! Ahhh!

    The gravestone says Kosmo, and on it we see a little picture of a terrier — why— could it be the same terrier we saw in the shrubs? Is it Kosmo coming back from the grave in the form of shrubbery? Are we witnessing paranormal activity? Will we see shrubs in the shape of a golden retriever over the grave of a golden retriever? So many questions. And no answers. Few answers! What do you think though?

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