Deadpool 2 Unveils Extra Badass Cable, Domino

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  • If you’re anything like us, then you drool over the latest reveals from the Marvel and X-Men movies. Will all your favorites be featured? Squirrel Girl? Devil Dinosaur? Howard the Duck? Or how about Cable and Domino, the fan favorite 90’s staples that Deadpool 2 promised us? Well folks, I have some very good news — both Cable and Domino were recently revealed — with Josh Brolin’s Cable looking ever menacing and intense as he does in the comics — and Zazie Beetz’s Domino even topping the character who first originated in Marvel’s New Mutants.

    The looks are badass, and the fans are losing their mind and loving every moment of it. Even the original co-creator of all three of these characters — quintessentially 90’s artist Rob Liefeld — honored their interpretations by drawing the Zazie Beetz version of Domino and posting it on his Instagram.

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    Liefeld’s drawing of the Zazie Beetz Domino — as posted on his Instagram page.

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