BBC Anchor Absolutely MISERABLE While Discussing SURFING DOGS

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  • When you enter the high stakes world of journalism you hope for an exciting type of story — something to truly cut your teeth on as you describe the meaning of life and death and politics and everything to your rapt audiences. Of course, sometimes you also have to discuss a dog surfing competition.

    Look, every job has good days and bad, and it seems like this esteemed journalist has hit on a bad day, as his tired miserable voice can barely hide the disdain he has for describing a competition where dogs surf. First you hear it in his voice — the exhaustion, the misery — then it’s that heavy sad sigh that seems to say — look, I know dogs surfing will get eyeballs on our newscast, but I don’t want to do it! This is the BBC we’re talking about! This needs important news! And yet here we are! Showing dogs surfing! O alas!

    This particular reporter — named Simon McCoy — kind of has a history being miserable when reporting the news — with AVClub pointing out that he’s went viral before — for his absolute annoyance at having to report on the wait to see the royal baby — and another time for falling asleep live on the air.

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  • Fun! What do you think of this man who hates discussing the surfing dogs? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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