Watch This House Get STRUCK BY LIGHTNING Close Up!

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  • Imagine witnessing a lightning strike so close the flash of light is almost blinding — mind blowing even. That is exactly what San Antonio, Texas resident Christopher Aldrete experienced when he stood recording a rainstorm and witnessed a bolt of lightning hit a nearby house. The video he shot is unbelievable. We see the lightning so clearly for only a split second — just a moment — and then it transforms into a blinding flash of light. My goodness. It is incredible.

    He even does us the favor of slowing it down so we can truly see the majesty of the lightning bolt. The lightning bolt is insane, but watching the camera temporarily go white is insane too. Getting struck by lightning is a terrifying thing to consider, but witnessing it up close is awe inspiring. Truly nature is the absolute best, isn’t it? Inspiring and terrifying all completely at once. Bravo nature! Thanks for letting us check out some super cool lightning!

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