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  • Instagram is being taken over by a new photo craze called “The Plandid”. What is a plandid, you ask? A plandid is a “planned candid” — aka, you planning a random and honest seeming sweet gram. What the what? How can you plan out a random photograph? Well, you can’t — but you can fake it! And that’s what the plandid is all about! Let’s pose laughing and smiling quietly while looking slightly away from the camera as if I’m in an honest moment. Now let’s look over to the side, unfocused but happy— yes, yes! These plandids are beautiful, beautiful!

    But how do we avoid getting tricked by the plandid? Luckily, our fantastic host Ava Gordy has some tips to help you find out—

    Are they slightly laughing?

    Are they looking into the distance while “walking”?

    Are they looking into the distance with an unnecessary hand?

    Are they slightly laughing AND walking?

    So even though you were probably posing for 25-30 photos and frozen in your “candid-but-not-candid” position for 5 photos at a time, you should look as though you had nooooo idea a picture was being taken. I guess instagrammers these days want their feed looking natural and more relaxed. Oh, the irony.

    What do you think of plandids? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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