Prankster Puts GIANT TRUMP CHICKEN Behind White House

I much prefer it to the real Trump though...
By Alex Firer
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  • Shortly after Trump got elected, a pop artist in China created a statue of a chicken resembling our pee loving forty fifth president. We laughed at the chicken’s hair, and we laughed at his weird angry chicken face, then we moved on with our lives. However, one artist did not — artist Taran Singh Brar who placed a massive inflatable chicken behind the White House.

    Taran Singh Brar says that even though the timing of this feels specific — this is mere days after Trump’s weird improvised threat to North Korea after all — it actually took months to get the right permits to place this thing behind the White House. And the chicken doesn’t end there — doesn’t just end with the thing angrily standing behind the White House — it even has its own Twitter account where it chronicles its adventures going to Donald Trump rallies and protesting him there.

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  • As for why he’s doing this — Brar explains —

    ”“He’s too afraid to release his tax returns, too afraid to stand up to Vladimir Putin, and playing chicken with North Korea,”

    Indeed. As for Trump — him being in New Jersey where he just casually brings us to the precipice of nuclear war in between golf games — he missed seeing the chicken in person, and indeed by the end of the day the poor thing deflated, but the message was hurt loud and clear — Trump is fun to mock and chickens are funny.

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