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  • MMA Fighting is a dangerous undertaking — you put your body in the ring and put it at utmost risk — but you know what they say — with the opponents you have in MMA, who needs friends? Wait, what? This video has to be seen to be believed as when during a fight, Arkadiusz Wroblewski dislocates his shoulder and as the fight pauses as he gets medical help, his opponent — Paata Tschapelia — comes over and just pops that thing back in! Whoa! That’s incredible! The duo then immediately return to fighting and us at home just sit there, jaws agape, wondering how we can make friends as good as the guys who get paid to fight us in the ring in front of a massive audience. Incredible!

    The video originally came out in February, but just began trending online recently. Could it be with all the recent anxiety in the world we want to view acts of kindnes? Acts of sweetness? For our hearts to be warmed with kind acts rather than chilled with massive fighting? Maybe. Or maybe everyone is stunned how quickly that guy jumps back in to fight. Your shoulder got dislocated, buddy! You can take a break!

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