Taylor Swift Takes Stand in Trial Against David Mueller

She is being sued by Radio DJ David Mueller for accusing him of groping her, and she is countersuing him.
By Alex Firer
  • The lawsuit between David Mueller, the radio host accused of groping Taylor Swift on the ass during a photo meet and greet on June 2, 2013 continues onwards as Taylor Swift took the stand today in the Mueller’s lawsuit towards her for three million dollars claiming false accusations towards said groping which caused him to lose his job from his radio station KYGO.

    Today, Swift took the stand to describe her experience that day, calling it “a definite grab, [a] very long grab” and “long enough for me to be completely sure it was intentional… He stayed on my bare ass cheek as I lurched away from him uncomfortably. The first couple of milliseconds, I thought it must be a mistake. I moved to the side very quickly.”. Taylor continued to describe the incident, saying she was sure it was him (something that David Mueller’s prosecution is attempting to discredit, saying no one was there to witness it), and that Mueller was intoxicated at the time. Swift says she turned to her assistant and said “Dude That guy just grabbed my ass”.

    Taylor Swift’s mother took the stand on Wednesday to say she wanted to throw up and cry when she heard about what happened to her daughter, and the trial continues onwards with Mueller being the one who improbably was suing her. The trial continues onward, and Swift has her supporters, including, according to the New York Times, a New Mexico State student who says “I have been a Swifty for 11 years. I adore her so much…I think she’s really brave for speaking up about sexual assault.”

    Taylor Swift has countersued Mueller to “serve as an example to other women who may resist publicly reliving similar outrageous and humiliating acts.” and has promised to donate any money she makes in the trial to help women who have been sexually assaulted.

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