Bill Hader Returns to SNL to Play Scaramucci

Aka... da Mooch!
By Alex Firer
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  • I guess SNL got antsy watching all the actions from the sidelines, since they decided to come back in the summer for a special 22 minute Weekend Update Live episode. And the episode had plenty of highlights — a little Kenan Thompson here, a little Eric and Trump Jr there — but the highlight definitely came when the show got a visit from SNL veteran and legend Bill Hader playing Anthony Scaramucci.

    Hader as Scaramucci FaceTimes Michael Che to talk a little about what he’s up to these days — mostly appearing like a “goomba Beetlegeuse”, demanding people call him the Mooch and specifying what he meant when he described Bannon blowing himself. He’s not up to much — not even in sketch world. He is writing Andrew Dice Clay style jokes though, so it’s not like sketch Scaramucci is up to NOTHING. Although the real Scaramucci started a podcast, so he might as well be.

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