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  • In our dark sick joke of a world there is but one force out there than can ease the pain in our souls, and that force is Pizza Rat. Oh, you haven’t heard of Pizza Rat? I mean, of course you’ve heard of Pizza Rat, the rat who carried a huge slice of pizza through the New York Subway, but folks — Pizza Rat is no more because he is a rat and no one knows where he is. However, we have a new contender in the wings — the one and the only — PIZZA SQUIRREL!

  • Pizza Squirrel has been seen running around Grant Park in Atlanta, Georgia holding a giant slice of pizza and reminding us of better days when Pizza Rat was there to lick our little tears off our face with its little rat tongue. Pizza Squirrel thrills and delights as he runs by you eating a slice that is not a small slice but actually a very very big slice. Good work Pizza Squirrel, you are loved.

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