What’s the Deal with “What the Health”?

Is the documentary accurate or just cheap fear mongering?
By Alex Firer
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  • A new documentary called “What The Health” is making people completely rethinking eating meat by showing a direct correlation between eating animal products and devastating health risks.Or are they just trying to scare you into being vegan?

    “What the Health” has been changing a lot of people’s minds about eating meat. Theo Riddick of the Detroit Lions and Trent Williams of the Washington Redskins have both adopted a vegan diet after watching “What The Health.”

    After Ne-Yo watched the documentary, he Snapchatted from the grocery store as he struggled to shop strictly vegan.

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  • What the health is in this documentary? Government conspiracy theories? I thought this film was about eating plants.

    While “What the Health” makes a great case for cutting out meat from your diet, it overstates the case for veganism. For example, the film claims that eating 1 egg lowers your life expectancy the same as smoking 5 cigarettes and drinking milk increases your risk of prostate cancer by 34%, and that the food industries and the healthcare industries are working in collusion to keep us sick.

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  • These points are distorted a bit. The study about eggs is widely disregarded for it’s outdated views on cholesterol and systematic review on dairy consumption shows no consistent link to any increased health risks. As for proving a massive health conspiracy goes, documentarian Kip Anderson “asks receptionists long-winded and detailed questions about nutrition science. When the receptionists, caught off guard, say they can’t answer his questions, Andersen huffs in frustration, apparently hoping to imply there’s a conspiracy afoot.”

    A conspiracy? Really?

    The film does address the very real issue of obesity in America. Americans have been eating more meat which could mean big issues for the environment and a more plant-based diet, as well as regular exercise and minimal alcohol intake, can reduce your risk of dying from the 4 leading causes of death by up to 40 percent.

    Nutrition is a tricky science. Something like a conspiracy, you need many people with the same clear agenda working in secret to influence society.

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