Ava Gordy runs down twelve YouTube Stars that got arrested in part one of a two part series.
By Alex Firer
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  • YouTube stars — they’re just like us! They too cannot run from the long arm of Johnny Law! Our own Ava Gordy has the round up of the the top 12 YouTuber arrests — with 12 more coming next weekend! Here is who we have!

    1. Roman Atwood:

    In March of 2014 Roman Atwood was arrested after he bought an ATM and staged a fake break in of that ATM with play money.

    A bystander called the cops because obviously that looks suspicious and the entire crew was taken away in police cars for “inducing panic and disorderly conduct.”

    And on the court date, fans showed up in support of Atwood and even the local news covered the “Not Guilty” verdict he and his team received.

    2. SSSniperWolf:

    Lia aka SSSniperWolf was arrested on August 13th, 2016 after neighbors heard screaming from her apartment and called the police.

    The next day she tweeted a photo of her mugshot and said, “so neighbors called cops cuz they heard screaming & I got arrested for disorderly conduct lol at my mugshot tho”

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  • 3. LispyJimmy

    Youtuber LispyJimmy first uploaded a video on August 25th 2016 claiming he was wrongly arrested after he lit a cigarette while driving.

    But in an unsurprising twist of events he uploaded a video on February 5th 2017 just to clarify that his passion and repeated shouting of “it was a cigarette” was all lies.

    Guys he’s a savage weed smoker. He couldn’t help it.

    4. Whiteboy7thst

    The FBI has warned against a phenomena in the gaming world called swatting.

    Basically as gamers are livestreaming, someone watching calls in a serious threat and watches as a SWAT team gets sent to that person’s house, live.

    Popular YouTuber, Alexander Wachs aka Whiteboy7thst had this happen to him in 2014. But instead of getting off because it was just a prank, the SWAT team found a small amount of marijuana and arrested the poor guy. I bet it was the dog.

    5. Jonah Green

    In September 2013 Jonah Green was among 20 college students that were arrested when a riot broke out at the university he was attending. The hard-core partying college entertainment site I’m Shmaked visited campus and sold tickets to students without a venue.

    In a video posted to his channel, Green talks about the riots that broke out.

    He eventually goes on to say that his image was caught on surveillance cameras walking in the street trying to avoid the crowds.

    That photo was put up on a local news website asking that if anyone sees him, they should turn him into police.

    In the end he turned himself in and was charged for rioting, jaywalking, and disorderly conduct.

    6. Tana Mongeau

    On April 24th 2017 18 year old YouTuber Tana Mongeau was arrested and charged at Coachella for being a minor in possession of alcohol.  

    In a storytime video on Tana’s channel she explains that while in a VIP area, she accepted a free drink from a bartender who recognized her from her videos.

    And then Coachella police spotted her holding said drink.

    7. Steven Fernandez

    15 year old pro skateboarder and YouTuber Steven Fernandez was arrested in December 2015 for the alleged sexual exploitation of a 12 year old girl.

    In a statement from detectives, Fernandez, his 22 year old manager and a fellow pro skateboarder allegedly “promised to introduce the girl to A-list performers and appear in Fernandez’s nonexistent MTV special in return for her engaging in sexual acts with Fernandez, Barajas, and Keelan Lamar Dadd, 27, the third man charged in the case.”

    Both Fernandez and Jose Barajas were arrested in a sting operation where detectives posed as the 12 year old girl and arranged via text to meet at an abandoned house.

    All three men were released after posting bail.

    Since then, three more young girls have stepped forward to allege that Fernandez assaulted them, but nothing more has come of that.

    8. Trollstation

    The 4 guys behind the YouTube channel Trollstation were arrested following their Art Gallery Heist Prank where they brought in fake paintings and a fake alarm system and proceeded to pretend to rob the place. It caused a stampede and one woman passed out.

    They each served around 5 month sentences.

    9. Joel Hradecky aka my boy customgrow420

    Joel Hradecky, aka customgrow420, a YouTuber famous for his weed reviews and weed related stunts uploaded a video of him and his friends smoking weed and hanging out at the abandoned Vance Creek Bridge in Washington.

    Well cops got word of the video and because there are many clearly posted “no trespassing” signs on the property, law enforcement decided to try and catch him.

    And by “try” I mean not try very hard at all. My boy Joely had a clip of his trucks make, model and very visible license plate in the video!

    But don’t worry y’all he’s taking this incident and his house arrest v seriously.

    10. RossCreations

    In 2013 Charles Ross was first arrested for doing a flip over two cops. But just recently in May of 2017 he was arrested and charged with grand theft for removing a stop sign.

    Police only found him after he posted the video to his YouTube channel. Unfortunately for all of us, it’s now been taken down.

    Another video that was taken down was a video of Ross asking his subscribers to help pay for his legal fees!

    11. Ruslan Sokolovsky

    Russian YouTuber Ruslan Sokolovsky got a 3 ½-year suspended sentence for filming a video of himself playing Pokemon Go in an Orthodox Church.

    The judge said the video showed his “disrespect for society” and that he “intended to offend religious sentiments.”

    12. Cameron Dallas

    The police were called to Cameron Dallas’s apartment on March 19th 2015 after someone threw a paint can off his sixth floor balcony and almost hit a woman below.

    When cops arrived Dallas, his friends, and his apartment were covered in paint from shooting a video.

    And as these things typically go, Cameron goes into detail about the arrest in a video on his channel.

    Dallas was technically arrested on felony vandalism charges and held on $20,000 bail. He and his friends were later that night.

    So there you have it, folks. Which of these arrests shocked you the most? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending, and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see Part 2 next Saturday!